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- bertrand had a vague notion.

- lily suspected she'd had a thought, but she couldn't be certain.

- jim had a notion, and an inkling of how to use it.

- sally awoke that morning with steely resolve, buoyed by the certainty that thoughts would indeed cross her mind.

- edgar felt the need for proximity to an idea.

- deirdre marveled at her continued need for cognition.

- bartz wayne scanned the classifieds intently, for he guessed that he had a goal of some kind to achieve.

- chauncey couldn't help but wonder at his recurring need to think.

- mikey found himself caught in a recurring cycle of interacting with others to achieve a shared goal.

- spillane emerged from the comfort egg intent on accomplishing something or another.

- tammy had an inclination.

- patterson met the day with a renewed sense of purpose and a half dozen coherent thoughts.

- bertrand was putting out feelers.

- clive's idea was vague, but it was definitely there.

- inside ignatz's head, curious thought specimens gamboled at play.

- octavia uttered the intentional arrangement of words necessary to elicit the desired emotional response.

- wainwright spent hours considering possibilities.

- betrand grappled with the glimmer of a ghost of an idea.

- that morning, wilhelm felt vaguely cognizant.

- gardner was startled by the sudden emergence of an idea.

- praxley couldn't recall the last time he'd had an idea he could call his own.

- prickwelder had a theory, and he wasn't afraid to use it.

- barrisford's thoughts were crystalline yet opaque. 

- x awoke with a start. a thought had crossed his mind during the night! he strode briskly to the sensorium, intent on recapturing it.

- chuck gooch has it on good authority.

- courtney swastika's got a serious vibe about this.

- skatchjockey carried the sum total of his approximately five thoughts into the after-hours bar, oblivious to the consequences.

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