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mad heiress




the heiresses are again this summer sunning themselves

flawless reptiles adrift in poolside chairs


the heiresses are indeed dancing this season

arriving behind headlights that wink

like diamonds catching light in the dark


the heiresses are of course partying hard these days

aflutter in fashionable dungeons

marketplaces of the senses


the heiresses are molting this spring

sloughing off dead piercings and tattoos,

making room for new ones


the heiresses grow ever madder

perversity their clarion call


the heiresses are this night loving

they mate like bees under amber


the heiresses are ever evolving

bangled and bejeweled chrysalides

marrying into mad monarchies all their own




and so it came to pass

we wandered gownless shirtless

on our neighbor's lawns

ice cream sticky between our toes

whistling melodies we'd forgotten the words to


it seemed the right thing to do

stepping out of the information bath

into our own lives


it felt so good


the personal is apolitical

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