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johnny is a zero is a one



johnny waits, patient as a statue
for infinity to add another zero


johnny gazes, blank as a zero
as vehicles skitter through the dark streets of his city


johnny cracks a stimtab and inhales deep 
pupils yawning upwards, he knows time is kind


johnny hears all transmissions
listens without judgment


johnny's heart resembles a dub drummer's beat
tenderness delivered as lightly as a grace note


johnny looks out his window
knows summer is coming

johnny loves his city
its soft fusing of metal and sweat, flesh and circuitry

johnny loves the banquet of great things tomorrow brings 
sees his children fuse with skyscrapers and search lights

johnny says a prayer for each of us
a someone, somewhere, inside a summertime

johnny reinvents his city each time he wakes up
re-imagining makes it so, this big bamboozle

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