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the mad heiress interview:

olivia klages


mh: what significance do vintage 1940’s era styles have for you?


ok: i find it amazing how the events of the world and the war reflected so deeply upon the fashion for women throughout that decade. whether it was fabric rationing affecting the length of skirts or a sudden switch of careers meaning a new wardrobe for practicality, you can see history through the clothes of that era and it is really beautiful.



mh: during our shoot, you played a frank sinatra mix. it seems like your interest in the past extends beyond fashion, to other aspects of culture. how did that come about, and what eras are most appealing to you?


ok: i love the romance of that time. when men took women to a club it meant something entirely different back then. there was just this over exuberance of romantic feeling in this era, seen especially in the movies and music of the 40’s and 50’s. those have to be my favorite decades by far. however i am very drawn to the medieval times, as well as the 1700’s. my reasons for liking those almost purely have to do with fashion though. i love how american our culture was during the 1940’s. it’s inspiring to look at the work ethic and how our nation really came together and served during that time.



mh: you’ve got a one-use time machine, there and back. when and where do you go to? why?


ok: that is possibly the most impossible question of all time. however if i could stay whereever i traveled to with the time machine, i would want to travel to the year 1938, become a nurse, and then join the navy or army during wwii.



mh: in what ways does acting inform modeling, and vice versa?


ok: i believe that when you are modeling that it’s important to try and breathe life to the photographer’s vision. you can’t do that by being a perfect mannequin. people have feelings, so through acting in modeling i like to think it's bringing something to life.



mh: how difficult is it for a 6’ 1” model to find stylish clothes that fit?


ok: it is very hard! but at the end of the day i wouldn’t trade it for anything. this is why i sew many of my own clothes. i get a lot of creative satisfaction out of knowing i am wearing something one of a kind. one of my greatest nightmares is seeing myself walking down the street wearing black leggings, ugg boots, and an infinity scarf. i see women all start to flock and dress one way and it’s definitely a fear of mine to join that flock. so i try to sit back and enjoy being different through my height and the clothes i wear.



mh: which fictitious universe would you most like to inhabit?


ok: middle earth. or narnia. or middle earth. it’s too hard to choose.



mh: if you have any heroes, who are they, and what about them makes them admirable?


ok: if we are speaking of people i have never met, then audrey hepburn. she was such a strong woman. it pains me to see how the american culture treats her image and throws pictures of her around. they see a girl eating donuts in front of tiffanys wearing pearls who was pretty. however she was so much more than that!



mh: if you have any specific goals with modeling and acting, what are they?


ok: my goal with acting is to figure out how to better assume a character i take on. that is very difficult for me and with each show i do i just want to grow a little more in that area. with modeling i would like to be far more versatile. not shy away if i am scared to do something but just focus on the photographer’s vision and do whatever i can to complete that.



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