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the mad heiress interview:

green eyed nymph



mh: why model?


gen: modeling is just another way to create art.  art enriches our lives.


mh: is there any crossover between your music and your modeling in the sense of either providing inspiration or ideas to the other?


gen: i very strictly keep my music career and my modeling career separate.  music is something i’ve worked very hard for.  i’ve taken private lessons on various instruments for over twenty years now.  modeling is something i’ve stumbled into accidentally.  it was basically handed to me without any real training and i’m very grateful for that.  these are two very different jobs and i almost have to switch gears depending on what i’m doing that day.  so no, i would say that neither one provides inspiration or ideas for the other.  i do however believe that my music career has given me the confidence to be in front of the camera.

mh: what’s the appeal of shooting in decaying or remote-looking environments? 


gen: i think abandoned buildings and remote locations spark curiosity.  every abandoned place i’ve ever shot it was once filled with people and served a purpose.  you can’t help but wonder “why was it abandoned?” or “what was it like before it was abandoned?”  many people are also attracted to haunting, or sombre art. there really is no better way to evoke this sort of feeling than to have a beautiful, vulnerable subject in a place that has been neglected or forgotten.


mh: do you create narratives or stories for your shoots, even if they are only shared between you and the photographer? if so, can you share one?


gen: sure.  i create the narratives for my shoots all the time.  one of my recent narratives was for my last shoot with earth creature mag.  my idea was to give some meaning to a nude photoshoot.  i love nude photography, but i think it can sometimes be misunderstood without an implied story behind it.  so my idea was to go through the shoot and gradually take off one layer of clothing at a time and leave them behind as i moved through the woods.  i wanted it to symbolize freedom, as if each layer of clothing represented some sort of piece of my past that no longer served me.


mh: i give you a single use time machine, there and back. where do you go, who do you meet? why?


gen: that’s hard to say.  there are so many things i wish i could go back and re-do.  the first thing that comes to mind right now is that i’d go back in time and meet my great grandmother on my dad’s side of the family.  she passed away before i was born, but all of my life i’ve been told about what a wonderful woman she was, and that she would have loved to meet me.  i do think she’d probably be a little freaked out about her great-granddaughter visiting her from the future though so...that probably wouldn’t be the best idea.



mh: what do you like about playing bass? any preference for standup or electric?


gen: i don’t like playing bass.  i love playing bass.  it’s just such a fun instrument.  i love that there’s not really any pressure about solos or being the center of attention like there is for violin or piano.  i love that i can be part of an ensemble and support the soloing instruments while i just enjoy the music.  i love that the bass player community is generally non-competitive and supportive of one another regardless of what level of a player you are.  i love that i get to play every style of music because bass is always needed.  if i had to choose between upright and electric, i’d probably say upright because i have a lot more training on upright.  they are both so much fun though.



mh: do you have any heroes?


gen: one of my heroes is my yoga teacher.  i was in a very dark and depressed state before i came across her online and eventually met her and practiced with her in real life.  i’ve told her that i do not think i would still be alive if she had not changed my life.  her teachings have given me the tools to be able to cope with difficult situations in a healthy manner.  i often find myself thinking, “what would my teacher do?”  another one of my heroes is my bass teacher.  i would not have gotten into my college as a music major if it weren’t for her.  i’ve had so many wonderful experiences as a musician because of the connections she’s given me and the things she’s taught me.  even after i graduated she still kept in touch and occasionally gives me advice to help keep me moving forward.  



mh: someone gives you a fur-covered spoon for your birthday. what do you do with it?


gen: well, i am an ethical vegan so i do not use or wear anything with fur.  so i would probably return it for store credit.



mh: what are you most looking forward to?

gen: i’m looking forward to a recital i have coming up next month with my trio.  i’m looking forward to traveling more.  i have plans to travel to asia next year.  i am looking forward to marrying my wonderful fiance.  i am looking forward to seeing what future surprises life has in store for me because my life has proven to be quite unpredictable. 


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