wanted: exp. psychic driver for mind control party. must be bonded.

call shmev anderson. luna 999.661.221.0344. pay based on exp.


wtb grokbox 1193 model. jailbroken pref.

must be serial wiped. no questions asked.


mifflin, queerwater, doubtfire, and associates

"no legal matter too small"



wanted: hotshot dirigible captain to pilot assault on planet time.

contact st. albans, refinery 12.


transgen necrophiliac seeks same.


this honky needs woking.

won't you help?

emotional support clown for hire. 
contact buttons @zx-210

laid back male seeks laid back grrl to enjoy end times scenario with


mums bartholomew

professional obscurist, aspiring aspirer



yoinks mcginty. bi-corpse curious. shy but willing.



timid rastafarian seeks homicidal italian divorcee for petty vandalism,

off-world graft, illicit spool jacking. jah rule, b-117 district, cube farm z-32-9


stuttering lion tamer seeks same. blood type: o+


wanted: director of strategic surrealist think tank. 

req 10 years+ surrealist governance exp in high pressure surrealist environment

opaque people skills and extra-dimensional time management skills preferred


aloysius nosegay, aesthetic surgery for rastafarians. doctor

now accepting new patients.



swf seeks artisinal oak-aged whiskey faggot with authentic portland beard.

must collect japanese grime on blue vinyl.


wanted: cake decorator with severe eczema. psorisis, too.


manfred van otto: junkie. faggot. whiskey pimp. moustache artisan. seeks meme for good times. 


wanted: experienced hovercraft pilot to lead nambian pleasure tour.


avegoth & sons

recreational mind wiping specialists since 2021. 

licensed, bonded, discreet.

inquire within.

manfrotto's trading post- your one-stop-shop for illicit goods. now in:

a-1e grok boxes.

"for your seventh story infiltration-exfiltration needs. banned in all gov jurisdictions."


bunderswerp and sons.

comfort egg repair and maintenance.

bonded, insured, discreet.


servers needed at the pink midget: a speakeasy for the vertically challenged.

5' and under.


kinky infidel seeks permanet employ.
skills: wasting time, criticizing others


wanted: surrealist bodyguard


capt. franz van papule.

airship captain. raconteur.

serious inquiries only.

1313 olfactory ln, london


yertz and dodson. attorneys at law.

advocates for the rights of transgendered service droids since 2078.


thunderpussy and mcmasters.

attorneys at law. the ass-kicking kind.

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